We have designed and implemented financial crime risk frameworks for clients.

Regulators are now looking at small and medium sized financial services providers, legal and professional services firms to navigate the real source of money laundering, including through PEPs. Businesses with limited resources for compliance programmes hence need a solution.


Do you want to be compliant with the most up to date AML/CTF regulations? 



You know the regulations but How well do you Know Your Client?

We have empowered clients with CDD Frameworks, our proprietary Client Risk Rating tool and tailored AML Risk Assessments.


We conduct deep dives of Financial Crime frameworks. If you do not have existing policy or procedures, we can assist. ​

How does your firm keep up to date with the constant flow of information and regulations in the Financial Crime space?

Do you know if your clients are part of ongoing investigations or may be a cost to your business? We can help you achieve compliance through optimised screening and risk management procedures.


Accountants and tax advisors submitted 1% of the total SARs in the UK between 2018-2019, while legal professionals provided just 0.5% of the total reporting. These figures are calling for increased scrutiny on  the sector.

How well equipped is your MLRO function? Have you reviewed your obligations with regards to reporting suspicious activity? 


Our Subject Matter Experts can help you build on specialist investigations processes to  deliver factual intelligence that are valuable to law enforcement.